Allora ~ Pizza and Gelati, Rome

Like This!

Alice Pizza a taglio
Via delle Grazie, 7/9
00193 Roma, Italy
San Crispino
Via Panetteria, 42
00187 Roma, Italy
The weekend found Gourmet Belly “rome-ing” the streets of Roma in a very pleasant 25 degrees – Bellissimo!
The main reason for this trip was to explore the depths of the Sistine Chapel which I didn’t have the time to do on my first visit to Roma 10 years ago. And 10 years later, all the fond memories came flooding back, reconfirming my love for the eternal city. Everywhere I looked there would be an iconic landmark with an ancient tale behind it.
Every side street and piazza exuded a sense of charm, and Mamma Mia – numerous pizza and gelato shops!
Loosening the button on my jeans, the Gourmet Belly was set free and we were ready for our quest in search of the best pizza and gelato store in the city – obviously the second reason for this trip 🙂
One of my friends claimed that she knew a place serving the best pizza she had ever eaten. This was likely to be a sweeping statement, but nonetheless, I had to help her find this place to see (and taste) what the fuss was all about.
Mmmm Pizza

Alice Pizza a taglio is located on Via delle Grazie, just off one of the main streets of Vatican City. Although it was just a small and nondescript takeaway store, this didn’t put me off as I eagerly chose three different types of pizza – Potato and Rosemary, Tomato and Mozzarella, and Pumpkin Flowers with Proscuitto. 

Ooooh yeah…NIUUUM!!
And for those that are thinking “what a guts!”, relax…all the pizzas are charged by weight so you’re free to order as many different types as you like 🙂
I made a bit of a controversial statement over the weekend, where I suggested that any pizza would taste good so long as it was fresh out of the oven, and it had a decent base.
Forgive me, for I was wrong…Fresh pizzas were had over the course of the weekend, but Alice Pizza a taglio definitely topped the pizza charts, and was probably the best pizza I have eaten in a very long time. Relatively cheap for Rome standards, and a wide selection of toppings to choose from.
Now for the sweet side of Rome…
Throughout the weekend, we passed several gelaterias, some of which got our seal of approval as we stopped to order a couple of scoops enroute to the next site, but mostly, they just looked a bit sloppy, or the colours of the some flavours looked a bit artificial.
But then we struck gold. San Crispino.
Gelato heaven
Allora – the flavours all sounded amazing, but in an effort to practice some self control, I opted for a single scoop of Ginger and Cinnamon – Delicious!!! And with a side sweep of a friends scoop without them looking, can vouch that the black fig flavour is heavenly too. Located within a coin’s (or three!) throw away from the Trevi Fountain, San Crispino is the perfect detour for probably Rome’s best gelato to be consumed while sitting by the fountain and people watching.
As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. There’s so much to see, and with so many pizzas and gelatos to eat, it definitely requires at least 3 days to ingest…literally!

Did You Know?
  • Legend has it that you should toss a coin over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain to ensure your safe return to Rome someday.
  • San Crispino are so dedicated to serving their customers the best quality gelato that they only serve theirs in cups. Cones are considered to be unhygienic and interferes with the pureness of their gelato

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