Tequila at Wahaca, London

Like This!

80 Wardour St
London W1F 0TF
When I hear the word “Tequila”, the first reaction is a bit of dry-retching as I recall those teenage years in a bar, knocking back those lethal shots, and the painful hangovers the following morning. Gone are the days of Tequila “shots”, as I’m very much a Laydee now, and only ever enjoy this bad boy in a margarita these days – preferably frozen! 
So when my very first Qype event invite came up, together with the word “Tequila”, I must admit I was a little apprehensive…
What if I needed one of those fellow Qypers (whom I’ve never met) to hold my hair back?! 
But thankfully no. This wasn’t one of those types of events…this was more a lesson on Tequila and appreciating that there’s a difference between good Tequila (often taken neat), vs. the nasty stuff most people take as a shot, which no amount of lemon and salt can shake the inital cringe factor.
We sampled about 10 different types of Tequilas from the Blanco, Reposado and Anejo categories, all of which had been selected by Mexico’s National Chamber of Tequila in an attempt to help Wahaca spread some of the Tequila love here in the UK.
Wahaca Tasting

All are 100% agave, which means 0% hangover (I can vouch for that!), and all produced by a different artisan producer.

 Once the tasting was over, we headed upstairs to the main restaurant to enjoy some of the Mexican “Street Food” that Wahaca has helped to popularise here in London.

The pork tacos were as tasty as I remembered, and the dessert of creme caramel was flan-tastico, while the churros con chocolate probably needed an extra sprinkle of cinnamon sugar to get my Gourmet Belly fully merry.
This was only my third time at Wahaca, and having only ever dined in their Covent Garden branch, I thought the new Soho branch had a great buzz about it, even for a Tuesday night! The food was good, staff were attentive, and with the fantastic space in the downstairs bar area complete with hanging chairs and foosball tables, this is also a great place for casual drinks and quality Tequila any night of the week.
Did You Know?
  • Mexican laws state that Tequila can only be produced in the state of Jalisco and limited regions in some surrounding states. Mexico has also claimed exclusive international right to the word “Tequila”; a bit like what “Champagne” is to the region of Champagne in France.
  • Contrary to belief that some Tequilas contain a worm in the bottle, this was a marketing ploy which started in the 1940’s, and only certain Mezcals (usually from the state of Oaxaca) are ever sold with a worm – Eeew! 😛 



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