Like This!

Above The Goldsmiths Tavern
316 New Cross Road
London SE14 6AF
The place where carnivores unite, and vegetarians get converted. This is #MEATEASY, dubbed one of the finest burgers in London Town.
From humble beginnings, Yianni Papoutsis, the man behind these much talked about burgers, started serving from his meatwagon van on an industrial estate in Peckham. This soon progressed to pubs, parks and festivals dotted around the UK, and since January, transcended to restaurant/dive bar #MEATEASY occupying the space above the The Goldsmith Tavern in New Cross until the 16th April – and my god am I glad I finally made it here.
The entrance was unassuming, with arrows written in markers congratulating and directing carnivores to the burger heaven upstairs. When you get inside, a ticket is issued while you search for a table and wait for your number to be called out on the loud speakers, of which you then place your order. *Excited*.
As always, Gourmet Belly had done a small amount of research, and ordered the Cheese Burger (£6), the Chili Cheese Fries (£5) and the Onion rings (£3) which has been the hot favourite with the Twitterati over the past few months. All of this was washed down nicely with drinks and cocktails wonderfully shaken in jam jars by the good folks at Soul Shakers.

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The burgers are all served medium-rare, deliciously pink and juicy, and sits comfortably on a fresh sourdough bun that held the massive pattie, melted cheese, lettuce and onions gracefully without it turning into a sloppy mess.
The fries came topped with chili cheese and laced with mustard. A slight sense of guilt came over me with every mouthful of this devilish goodness – Oh sod the MoH diet I’ve been busting the belly on lately. And then…the onion rings. O.M.G!! Perfectly crispy on the outside, incredibly soft on the inside, and huge. The best onion rings ever. Fact.
#MEATEASY is definitely more rough and ready, than prim and proper, so don’t come here if you prefer the latter. Do come here however, if you don’t mind getting a bit down and dirty with your food being served on paper plates, using your fingers instead of cutlery, wiping your hands with rolls of paper napkins…oh and of course if you’re after a great value meal in cool and quirky surroundings.
For Gourmet Belly, the Piggy Burger at Bar Boulud still gets my vote as the best burger in London, but this without a doubt comes a very close second at about half the price.
Get here before the “Chop Up” burger bar closes shop on the 16th, otherwise, follow Yianni on Twitter @themeatwagonuk for more details on where the meatwagon will be touring this summer.
Did You Know?
  • The famous meatwagon stopped operating in December last year after the van and all its contents were stolen from its SE15 residence. There is now a donation bucket at the entrance of #MEATEASY in an attempt to collect sufficient funds for a new meatwagon in time for this summer. Do spare a penny if you want to see the meatwagon back in all its glory!
  • The beef patties in the burgers are made from 28-day dry-aged “chuck steak” and is minced daily so it can be cooked rare without seeping blood – now that’s what we call attention to detail!

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  1. Basil G says:

    Sounds like a great place..Ela Re Yianni Papoutsis ! 🙂


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