Mamak ~ Hawkerstyle, Sydney

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15 Goulburn St, Haymarket
1-5 Railway St, Chatswood
Cheap Eats. Two words which I’ve struggled to associate with the Sydney dining scene in recent years, but that has never stopped Gourmet Belly from taking up the challenge. And with great success in this instance…and quality is thrown in with it too.
Mamak, is a bustling, no-fuss take on street hawker food, Malaysian style.
From humble beginnings at Bondi’s Organic Market in 2006, Mamak soon developed a cult following at the Chinatown Night Markets and has now become a Sydney institution with two branches; one in Chinatown, and another in Chatswood.
On any given Sunday, there would normally be queues forming down the road. But today, our table of six were ushered straight to the table by their very efficient staff.
From what I had heard, Roti seems to be the speciality here at Mamak, so (for once), I allowed the token Malaysian on our table do the ordering…without my belly having any input…*Gasp*.
And I was impressed…

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All the food was fast and furiously good. The Ayam Goreng ($14 for 4/$4 per piece) would have made Colonel Sanders weep being so finger licking good, and gorgeously crisp without being overly greasy. The Nasi Lemak ($8.50) – arguably Malaysia’s national dish was delicious and packed with flavour, which perfectly complimented the nice little kick we got from the Green Beans cooked in chili and shrimp paste ($14)
As expected, the roti in all different guises were a huge hit, but my preferred was definitely the sweet version served with the fragrant scent of Pandan and Coconut. DELISH.
Mamak is the perfect place if you’re after a cheap and tasty meal out for a group, as you can order a whole bunch of dishes to share. And don’t let the queues put you off…you’ll have the Roti chefs in the windows doing their magic to entertain you as you wait, and it’s BYO too! What more could you ask for?!
Did You Know? 
  • The word “Mamak” refers to establishments serving a fare of Mamak or Indian-Muslim food in Malaysia 

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