Mary’s, Newtown

Bloody Mary’s.

That’s what we started with, but no ordinary Bloody Mary. This one was topped with a cheese slice, strip of bacon and half of a little white onion. Quite possibly a meal in itself, the flavour was unbelievable good; nay sensational. Almost burger like. Though, not content with this as a nightcap, after already eating an earlier dinner prior to a night out on the town for birthday drinks, we decided on a late night supper at Mary’s in Newtown.

Mary’s has a small yet enticing menu. It’s decidedly not for clean living. However, if you’re in the market for a grown-up’s version of childhood fast food favourites, you are in for a treat. Burgers, fried chicken, fries and the interestingly titled Trashcan Bacon are all on offer, along with the benefits of a licensed establishment.  A well-versed Americanophile, Mary’s had me salivating. The fried chicken is incredible. Herbs and spices aplenty, it would make even Colonel proud of it’s finger licking tastiness.

The real drawcard here are the burgers. At Mary’s, the burgers are better. It’s not drive through, but if you are driving by, definitely stop! The buns are lovely and light and the real hero is what is smacked between them. Beef, lettuce, tomato and a special sauce. I’d have to say, Sydney’s best burger – and a great place to eat for a happy meal.


6 Mary Street, Newtown

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