Maxim’s Palace Chinese Restaurant, City Hall, Hong Kong

There’s a saying in Cantonese that roughly translates to “the camera eats first”, and my trip to Hong Kong was as much about food as it was about the travel, so I didn’t feel at all self-conscious whipping out my camera to take happy snaps of every morsel.
In planning my trip, I got in touch with a now Hong Kong based childhood chum to say I’d be in town. He suggested a Yum Cha brunch; something we’ve done together since we were kids and the perfect opportunity to catch up.  Every traveller knows having a local show you the ropes is an absolute advantage and apparently, the best place to Dim Sum in Hong Kong is Maxim’s Palace at City Hall.

An extravagant setting overlooking the harbour and across to Kowloon, Maxim’s Palace is impressive. Enormous crystal chandeliers grace the ceilings of what I would describe as an elegant ballroom of spectacular proportions. On arrival, you need to march up to the touch screen like a boss, and take a ticket to secure a table. The queues are long. A testament to its popularity and the quality of the food.

Like any Dim Sum place, it’s a little like hunting, eyes scouring the room in an exercise of cart chasing. At Maxim’s the carts are state of the art, complete with an iPad slideshow, showcasing the wares within the bamboo steamers and stainless steel lids. Classic dumplings, sui mai, cheong fan, pai gwut, buns and all the best bits you can expect from shared Cantonese dining are on offer, Maxim’s upped the ante in terms of Dim Sum for me. Well and truly fancy, complete with silver dipped chopsticks, solely for serving.
For the traveller, after a night of partying in LKF (Lai Kwai Fong), Maxim’s is the perfect pick-me-up remedy, as my travel buddies can attest. I returned for a second visit with my mates during our stay. It was that good.
Dim Sum? Yum Yum.
Maxim’s Palace City Hall,
Central, Hong Kong

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